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Filing a Claim
If you have never filed a Homeowners claim before, you can relax knowing the professionals at Equity Roofing and Construction have the knowledge and experience to make the process easy and stress free.  

With over twenty-five years of claims handling experience, we have dealt with every major insurance company in America with solid confidence and a resolve to always take care of the customers interests at heart. 

In order to ensure that you understand and become comfortable with the Claims Process, we have created the following outline of the steps in the process and an overview of your rights as a customer when filing a claim with the Insurance company.

Although every claim is unique, the following outline should provide you with a valuable insight into the process you will be going through and allow you to know what to expect in the coming weeks as your claim is processed and your home is restored.

Financial Assistance
We offer financial assistance, product upgrades, payment options, and much more.  Call us and we will be happy to discuss a plan that will assist you and protect the equity you have in your home by installing a new roof as soon as possible.



Review your Policy and Coverage FIRST!  There are 3 important things you NEED to consider BEFORE filing a claim!

  1. Deductible
  2. Recoverable Depreciation Coverage
  3. Code Upgrade Insurance

Verify your Coverage and Deductible

Contact Equity Roofing!

Call your Insurance Company's Toll-Free Claims Hotline and Set up the Adjuster’s Meeting and coordinate the date and time with an Equity Roofing specilist.

Review the Report and provide Equity Roofing with a copy.

Process the ACV check and notify us when you are ready to schedule the delivery of materials.

Confirm Project completion with your Insurance Company and request Final Payment.

Pay final invoice including deductible and receive Lien Waiver.